GBB is a trading name of Drifters Leisure Ltd

Drifters is a group of nine professional canal boat hire companies set up to promote the enjoyment of canal boat holidays to potential customers.

Between us we offer over 550 boats for hire from 45 bases across England, Scotland and Wales.  Day boat hire is available from 17 of our bases.

All our operators uphold certain industry standards of excellence, ensuring we are among the best in the business and all our customers can expect professional care and attention.

All our operators provide expert handover and tuition as part of the hire package and all our personnel are accredited by British Marine for ‘Hire Boat Instruction & Handover Procedures.

All our boats have Boat Safety Scheme Certificates, which means they are regularly independently checked to ensure they comply with all the necessary safety legislation.

All our operators provide detailed booking confirmation, pre-arrival information (Boater’s Handbook DVD – Canal & River Trust – YouTube), and clear directions to the boatyard.

All our boatyards have on site car parks and a welcoming procedure.

All our operators offer a 24-hour emergency telephone & assistance service;

All our boats are licensed as hire boats by the relevant navigation authority.

Life jackets are offered free of charge to customers by all of our members.

All our boats are insured for accidental damage and public liability cover. Our operators may ask customers to purchase a compulsory damage waiver policy – either as an compulsory extra or included in the hire price.

All our boats are modern canal boats with heating, well-equipped kitchens, quality furnishings, flushing toilets, hot water, showers, TVs and DVD players.

All our operators offer clear Terms & Conditions, alongside a contract of hire.

All our operators operate a continuous customer satisfaction survey and have a formal complaints procedure with an independent dispute resolution service.

Our operators have an ongoing programme of staff training and performance appraisal to ensure standards of housekeeping and specialised competency are maintained.

We work in partnership with the Canal & River Trust, the charity which runs a 2,000 mile network of canals and rivers in England and Wales, to promote the canals and canal boat holidays.

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