Step back in time and spend a relaxing week or two aboard a modern, purpose-built self-drive craft, designed to provide for your every need.

Use this website to help you to unlock the secret world of Britain’s inland waterways and find the perfect location for a canal boating holiday. Cast off and leave normal life behind as you explore the hidden world of canals and rivers. Your beautifully appointed narrowboat can take you soaring over valleys or delving under hills. Your inland waterway  will visit hidden parts of a countryside you thought had been lost for ever – or go right to the heart of cities buzzing with waterside life.

A canal boating holiday is different from any you’ve had before, with new adventures round every corner of the 2000 mile network of inland waterways. And your narrowboat has all the comforts of home, in a uniquely charming way.

We offer a dazzling choice of over 500 boats from 44 bases on the canals and rivers of England, Scotland and Wales.

Lots of our customers are old-timers, returning again and again because the boating bug has bitten. But many others are new to boating, and if that’s you – don’t worry! Our narrowboats are designed to be easy to handle, and all our bases give comprehensive training as part of your holiday package.

Where do I start?

It’s easy – put simple details into the availability search bar, and you’ll be presented with a list of suggested boats, with prices. On each, you can click for full details of the boat, and places you can explore. And when you find one you like – just click the button, fill in your details and our friendly booking office will take over. They’ll answer any questions before finalising the booking.

Then just sit back and look forward to your boating holiday with Great British Boating!

10 things to discover in the heart of England…….

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Find your perfect holiday with Great British Boating. Simply select your preferred start location and date and click on “check availability”. 

You can further refine your search by selecting holiday length and berths.

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