Most of Britain’s canals were built with locks just 7ft wide and 70ft long, so a particular style of canal boat was developed to navigate them.  These boats are known as narrowboats.

As our waterways have been transformed from industrial transport routes into popular leisure destinations, these canal boats have been modernised with all the comforts of home and have quiet and smooth running diesel engines. All our boats have strong steel hulls, 6ft-plus headroom, heating, hot water, full inventories, TV/DVD players, hygienic flushing toilets and showers.  Some even have small baths and many now have WiFi.

The type of stern (back end) on your boat is something for you to consider when choosing your narrowboat.  The back of our boats have either a ‘cruiser stern’ or are ‘semi traditional’.  The cruiser stern gives you an open back deck, with room for a number of people to stand.  While the semi traditional gives a smaller rear deck with a seating area which can be enclosed with doors.  Some people like having the larger deck for a number of people to congregate on, whereas others prefer the seating in the semi traditional, as it can be good for keeping dogs and children in a defined area.

When you pick up your boat, the tank will be full of fuel.  Some of our operators include the cost of fuel in their hire fee, while others make charge at the end of your holiday, based on use – typically around £10-15 per day. On a short break or week’s holiday you are unlikely to need to re-fuel, but for longer trips there are re-fuelling points along the network.

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